For Security Professiomals

There are differing requirements depending on the type of job you do. For example a Bodyguards requirements would be different to a doorman.

We teach the most effective methods working within the law.

We teach you chokes, restraints, takedowns, small limb manipulation, working defences, weapon defences etc.

Over many years working as a Doorman, Body Guard and Police Tactics Instructor Tyrone Wasniewski has developed and honed a system that will work for you.

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Master Tyrone Wasniewski, 7th Dan Black Belt

Master Tyrone Wasniewski has over 35 years of experience in the martial arts.

  • 7th Dan in Karate.
  • Chief Instructor of TYKI Karate Club in London, England.
  • 6th Dan WAKO Kickboxing.
  • He is a Full Contact fighter, Thai Boxer, PKA fighter and a grappler.
  • TYGA National Champion in Kata and Kumite.
  • Has competed nationally and internationally for England.
  • He is a Security Advisor and Enforcement Advisor.

Master Tyrone trains every day and seeks to improve himself and his system, which is based on real street self defence and full contact techniques.

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CRB Accredited Martial Arts Instructor

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